2017 Candidates

Registration for the 2017 CDECB Exam or Maintaining your CDE Designation by Credit Portfolio is now CLOSED.    Please watch your intray for emails from systems@cdecb.ca for latest updates


2017 CDECB Exam

The next CDECB Exam is Saturday May 27, 2017.  

If you are applying to write the CDECB Exam for the first time and wish to review the exam process please review the 2017 Examination Handbook by clicking here.  

The fee to write the exam at a designated examination site is $450.00.   The exam will start at 9:00 am LOCAL time.   Please see the Examination Handbook for what you can bring into the exam Exam. 


 Your Online CDECB Account.

Your Online CDECB Account will be automatically created the first time you apply to write the CDECB Exam.   All candidates, who at one time have applied to write the exam have an online CDECB Account. Communication concerning your examination or your credit portfolio will be directed to your email address. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information current.  You can now change your contact information online by logging into your CDECB Account.  To login in please Click Here. 


Documentation for the 2017 Examination

The documentation for the 2017 Exam and Credit Portfolio is available on-line.  Please go to the appropriate page to review.

References for the 2017 examination:

  1. The 2017 Exam will be based upon the 2013 Clinical Practice GuidelinesThis includes the November 2016 Interim Update to the Guidelines.  To order the 2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines, please click here
  2. The Essentials.   To order a copy from CDA  Please  Click Here
  3. Competencies listing suggested by CDECB (Appendix A in the Exam Handbook)  Click Here
  4. CDECB Resource List (Appendix D from the Examination Handbook)  Click Here.


 This page will be updated as new events occur with regard to the 2017 Candidates writing the 2017 Exam and the CDE's maintaining their CDE designation by Credit Portfolio.  This page was last updated on February  6, 2017.