CM by CP Application

2017 Application for Certification Maintenance by Credit Portfolio

 Deadline: February 1st, 2017


If you are applying for Certification Maintenance by Credit Portfolio (CM by CP) in 2017 you will need to;

  • Complete the online Application form
  • Complete the online Credit Summary form

The deadline to complete these forms is February 1st, 2017.


 Send the CDECB office 3 paper copies of your portfolio (activity forms and all supporting documentation)by Courier or Canada Post POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 1ST, 2017  to:

 Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board
13909 Hurontario Street, North Suite
Caledon, Ontario, L7C 2C9




You must send in all your supporting documentation with your portfolio. This applies even if you used an older form that indicated the supporting documentation should be in your portfolio (for audit).


The online forms should be available mid November, 2016.

When completing the online application and credit summary forms you will need to provide;

  • A copy of government photo identification
  • A copy of signature
  • A copy of proof of professional license
  • Payment information
  • The information found on the Credit Summary form (Appendix E).


CDECB does not confirm receipt of portfolios until the portfolios are processed. Portfolios are processed in order received and timing depends upon volume.

To Confirm CDECB receipt of your portfolio please choose Courier or Express/Registered Mail. Retain mail/courier receipts as proof of on-time submission.