CP Forms - PDF Format

The PDF forms are intended for those who wish to print out a blank form and then complete it by hand. If you want to fill in your forms on your computer please use the (Word forms).

    • Select and download the desired form 
    • Save the form on your computer 
    • Print the form.

 During your Credit Collection period, six How to Guides will be issued. You may use the activity forms from any of them to document your professional development activities. Activity forms must be completed as described in their associated How to Guide; e.g. activity forms from the 2014 How to Guide must be completed as described in the 2014 How to Guide.

Activity Forms in PDF Format

Activity FORM


Form 1A

External Review of CDE Practice

Form 1C

Self-Assessment of Learning Need/Report on Self-Study Plan

Form 2A

Short Term Learning Events

Form 2A - Short Courses

Short Term Learning Events - Short Courses

Form 2B

Formal Courses

Form 3A

Report of Self Study Plan Developed in 1B

Form 3B

Self-Study - through Reading

Form 3B_books

Self-Study - Books Read

Form 4A

Development and Evaluation of New Diabetes Related Educational Materials and Resources

Form 4B

Preceptorship for Students or New Diabetes Educator

Form 4C

Development or Significant Revision of a Program for Preceptorship for Students or New Diabetes Educator

 Form 4D

Development and/or Revision and Evaluation
of a Patient or Professional Education Program

Form 4E

Short Presentations or Teaching

Form 4F

Presentation as Part of a Professional Conference

Form 4G

Teaching or Tutoring in a Course in an Academic or Recognized Institution

Form 4H

Writing Examination Questions for Regulatory College

Form 5A

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Form 5B

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications and Peer Reviewed Case Studies or Letters

Form 5C

Publication of Books (peer-reviewed)

Form 5D

Involvement in Research Projects - proposal writing

Form 5D QI

Involvement in Quality Improvement - Creating the Project Charter

Form 5E i

Involvement in Research Projects - Implementation, Data Analysis, interpretation and Dissemination Phases

Form 5E ii

Policy and Procedure Development

Form 5E iii

Involvement in Quality Improvement - Project - Implementation

Form 5F

Editorial Board, Editor or Associate Editor for Diabetes Related Professional Journal

Form 5G

Development of Best Practice Guidelines or
Clinical Practice Guidelines, Member of an Expert Panel

Form 5H

Program Evaluation - Design and Implementation

Form 5I

External Reviewer for Provincial, National or Regional Resources

Form 6A

Professional Leadership in Diabetes Education

Form 6B

CDE Acting as an Expert and/or Adviser