What Our Members Have to Say

“With the knowledge I have attained from becoming a CDE® I now feel I am able to help people living with diabetes to have a better quality of life as I am able to ensure they have the best care with the best practice guidelines.”

 “Becoming a CDE® has enhanced my knowledge in Diabetes immensely.  I feel much more confident in my knowledge of diabetes care since attaining my CDE®. “

“My work colleagues and clients respect my title and the knowledge I have attained from being a CDE®  Everyone working in diabetes care should have their CDE® and I am very thankful and very proud to have achieved this designation.”

“I am very proud to be a CDE® and am thankful for the opportunity to enhance my knowledge in diabetes care.  It allows people living with diabetes to ensure they are getting the best care from people who have attained their CDE®.

“I became a CDE® in effort to better my community and my professional practice as a pharmacist. Diabetes is a common condition I found while providing care to patients.  The knowledge from studying for my CDE® exam and continuing to educate myself enhances my knowledge on the condition. This knowledge allows myself to educate patients and help enhance patient understanding on how to control their condition.”

Having my CDE® gives me the confidence and knowledge to help people manage their diabetes   As with any speciality, I believe it is important and should be a standard to obtain your CDE®. 

“I now have a governing body with accountability which allows me to be the best I can be as an educator.”

“Proud and empowered”

“Holding a CDE® title means I am a part of a community that has a high standard of care/knowledge base, in the world of diabetes.  It is important to have this accomplishment so that my clients and the people I assist know they are getting the most up to date and accurate answers possible.  I am proud to have earned my CDE® and am a part of this amazing community.”

“After attaining my CDE® I now feel like I have more expertise in my practice and have been connected with so many knowledgeable, like minded professionals who have a common passion for making the lives of people living with diabetes better.”

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