Credit Portfolio

CDE/ÉAD® certification status is valid for a period of 5 years. As long as a CDE is registered with a regulatory body in Canada as a health professional and has a current CDE designation they are eligible to perform Certification Maintenance to renew their certification for another 5 years.  Certification Maintenance may be done by either, (1) writing and passing the CDE exam or (2) Applying for and meeting the requirements of Certification Maintenance by Credit Portfolio.

The Certification Maintenance by Credit Portfolio (CM by CP) process recognizes the relevance of lifelong learning on professional development. It is based on a system of credits earned for professional development activities that either enhance competency or demonstrate professional leadership. e.g. attending a CDA conference, reading a diabetes related peer reviewed journal, taking a diabetes related formal course.  During your Credit Collection Period, you compile a portfolio by documenting these activities and related credits on the activity forms provided by CDECB.

To guide CDE’s through the process, the Credit Portfolio Committee produces a How to Guide. This Guide provides CDEs details of the Credit Portfolio process, detailed information on the accepted activities and examples of completed forms.