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Why do I not show up in the “Find a CDE” search engine?

All health care professionals who obtain the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)® designation are searchable through the “verify a CDE®” search engine on the CDECB website. A CDE® not appearing in the “Find a CDE®” search engine will not have selected participation in that search engine.  Participation is totally at the decision of the individual Certified […]

How does the CDECB develop an item for the CDECB exam?

Items (questions) are developed by Certified Diabetes Educators representing a variety of professions from diverse practices and physical locations throughout Canada.  Following development and prior to becoming a trial item each is reviewed by Certified Diabetes Educators, representing a variety of health disciplines, within a group of CDEs, followed by individual CDEs randomly selected from […]

Does the CDECB examination consider treatment variations available throughout Canada?

Candidates taking the CDECB examination are reminded the examination is administered throughout Canada.  Diabetes treatment varies between provinces and health districts.  Availability of treatment differs between these areas and therefore there may be questions appearing on the examination with treatments which could be unavailable to some Canadians or considered out-dated for others.

Does the CDECB exam question provide all of the information I need to select a correct response?

In addition to the knowledge a minimally competent diabetes educator would have concerning diabetes, the necessary information which will lead the candidate to select the correct answer for each question is contained within the CDECB examination stem.

Where do I claim credit for Diabetes Canada’s “22 Minute Take Away”?

Certified Diabetes Educators may claim credit for Diabetes Canada’s 22 Minute Take Away in the Credit Portfolio Program under 2C: Web Based Learning events. CDECB recognizes some of the 22 Minute Take Away may not be an entire 30 minutes in length however the CDE may claim credit provided each presentation, fulfills the listed criteria/requirements […]

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