What is a CDE®?


A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)®  is a health professional, committed to excellence in diabetes education, who has a sound knowledge base in diabetes care/management and education processes, as well as good communication skills and who has passed the Canadian Diabetes Educator's Certification Board (CDECB) exam.

The certification process for diabetes educators is designed for eligible health professionals who are currently practicing in diabetes education in Canada.

The mandate of the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board is to provide a voluntary, accessible, valid and relevant process that recognizes multidisciplinary diabetes education specialists who are engaged in promoting the national standards of care for individuals and communities affected by diabetes.

Certification as a diabetes educator recognizes experience and excellence in diabetes education and verifies that an individual possesses the knowledge, skill and abilities to practice effectively and safely within their professions’ scope of practice and according to the Canadian Standards for Diabetes Education.

The Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board is responding to questions from healthcare professionals including Chiropodists and Registered Practical Nurses, who are involved in diabetes education as part of a multi disciplinary team and has received requests for the opportunity to achieve Certified Diabetes Educator status to support the work that they are doing with persons with diabetes and their families.

Beginning in 1991, healthcare professionals who are licensed by a Regulatory Body in Canada and have accumulated 800 hours of diabetes education experience over the previous 3 years encompassing a broad range of established competencies, may apply to write the Diabetes Educator Certification Examination. Successful candidates can use the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE® )/ Educateur Agree en Diabetes (EAD®) credential for a period of 5 years. Thereafter, Certification Maintenance is available by examination or by credit portfolio option.

To become a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE®)  each candidate must successfully complete the Canadian Diabetes Educator's Certification Board (CDECB) exam that is administered annually, on the Saturday following the Victoria Day holiday in May.  Every CDE® must be fully registered and licensed with a regulatory body in Canada as a health professional and have worked a minimum of 800 hours of practice in diabetes education. 

For further information please see the Examination Handbook.