How to Become a CDE


The Examination Handbook contains the necessary information you may require and should answer your questions regarding eligibility and process. Please refer to the Examination Handbook and the General FAQ’s and the 800 Hour FAQ’s online prior to submitting questions to the CDECB office. 

To review the Examination Handbook please click here
To review the General  FAQ's please click here
To review the 800 FAQ's please click here

STEP ONE: Registration with a Professional Regulatory Body.  I am registered and licensed with a regulatory body in Canada as a health professional

Yes. -> Proceed to step two.

No. -> Ineligible to write the exam at this time.

STEP TWO:  Experience in Diabetes Education
I have a minimum of 800 hours of practice in diabetes education within any duration or combination of time within any of the three year period immediately preceding the February 1 application deadline.  Such experience was obtained while I was fully licensed with a Canadian regulatory body as a Canadian health care professional.  I have provided education, diabetes management advice or care to one or more of the following:

- those at risk for diabetes
- those with prediabetes
- those with diabetes, their families, or health professionals

Utilizing the competencies set out in Appendix A of the Exam Handbook.  To review Appendix A please Click Here

Yes. -> Complete the online Examination registration by February1st of the year you wish to write in.  Please see candidate page on this website.

No. -> Ineligible to write the exam at this time.

Note:  To review the handbook and other downloadable files please click here.


The registration process to write the CDECB exam is on-line.  We do not accept paper applications.  Registration for the next exam will begin in the previous fall.  During the process you will be required to provide and upload the following files:

  1. Government Issued ID.  Please make sure that the picture is clear.
  2. CURRENT proof of practice.  This could be a copy of your receipt when you renewed your license.  Do not send a copy of your degree.
  3. A copy of your signature.

You will also be required to provide us with your work experience outlining what and where you provided your 800 hours of diabetes education.  You will also need to provide a supervisor’s name and contact number.  If you keep a log of this information, you may upload it during the registration process, but it is not a requirement.


Self-employed applicants for initial certification must submit two completed CDECB Letters of Reference: one from a Certified Diabetes Educator, and one from a health professional who refers patients to the applicant for diabetes education.   A copy of this form is available online under the Exam Page.


If you have further questions after reviewing the Examination Handbook, please email us at: