How does the CDECB develop an item for the CDECB exam?

Items (questions) are developed by Certified Diabetes Educators representing a variety of professions from diverse practices and physical locations throughout Canada.  Following development and prior to becoming a trial item each is reviewed by Certified Diabetes Educators, representing a variety of health disciplines, within a group of CDEs, followed by individual CDEs randomly selected from across Canada, and finally by a group of CDEs assembled to review all items appearing on the CDECB examination.  These items are also reviewed to ensure they are valid, up-to-date, and have current references.  Following this process, they become trial items on the operational examination.  Items not performing well as trial items are discarded and are not utilized on future examinations. 

 All items (questions) appearing on the operational examination have been appraised by your Certified Diabetes Educator peers.  An item does not appear on the examination without first appearing as a trial item on the CDECB examination.   Should an item not meet the performance requirements of the CDECB it will be discarded and not used as an evaluation item.

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Volunteers are an important part of the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board. Their knowledge about Diabetes has enabled the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board to be what it is. 

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