Why do I not show up in the “Find a CDE” search engine?

All health care professionals who obtain the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)® designation are searchable through the “verify a CDE®” search engine on the CDECB website.

A CDE® not appearing in the “Find a CDE®” search engine will not have selected participation in that search engine.  Participation is totally at the decision of the individual Certified Diabetes Educator.

Within a CDE®s CDECB profile, and contained within the application, under the “Public CDE® Verify and Search Information” at the time of application applicants were asked the question:  “Our search engine will also generate opportunities for the general public to search for Certified Diabetes Educators available for appointment without referral.   Do you wish to have your contact information public on this search engine?”   In order to protect our Applicants’ privacy, the auto default is “no”.  Those who wish to have their contact information displayed to the public manually select “yes”.

When CDE®s select “yes” the system will ask a variety of questions regarding contact information, including the opportunity to change contact information which the CDE® may be using for the CDECB to connect with them.    The “yes” selection will ask for: place of employment, address, email, phone etc.  The system also asks the CDE® to select languages diabetes education may be provided.   Not all information need be supplied.

At any point in time during the tenure the CDE® designation is held the CDE® may enter their CDECB account and alter the information for the “Find a CDE” section.  This includes re-selecting the opportunity to participate or not participate within this search engine.  CDE®s are at the liberty to make whatever changes they wish to the information available to the public.

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