Do I have to use all of the trial tests?

We ask that you try the Top Hat platform out on at least one test.   We have put them there for your assistance.  We have added multiple tests for multiple reason.

1)        Just a small practice test room scan and calculator, white board.
2)        Test with 8 minute timer to allow you to see what the test is like when you run out of time.
3)        165 Questions to test your computer has enough RAM/bandwidth.
4)        Small additional test for whatever needs you might have.

Once you have finished one of the practice tests you are unable to log back into the practice test.


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Volunteers are an important part of the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board. Their knowledge about Diabetes has enabled the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board to be what it is. 

Registration for the 2024 CDECB Exam and submission of Credit Portfolio is open. 

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