Online Exam Writing

No. Remotely monitored tests must be taken on a laptop or desktop computer and that device must have a camera.
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Online Exam Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take this examination using a mobile phone or tablet?

What technical standards must my desktop or laptop computer meet in order to take this examination?

What do I do if I cannot meet these standards for computer equipment?

My computer does not meet the requirements. Now what?

Can I use the washroom during the examination?

What happens if my internet connection goes out?

Can multiple people write the examination in the same room?

I have been advised by my power supplier that I will not have power on the date of the exam. Now what?

How long will it take to get to the “start” button to begin my exam?

What happens if I have trouble logging in to write the examination?

Can I use a calculator or the calculator function on my computer?

What happens if I cannot get my equipment to work on the day of the examination?

How long do I have to write the examination?

How do I get to my exam on exam day?

If I am disqualified from the Examination, will I receive a refund?

Can I download the Top Hat platform onto more than one computer?

The Top Hat instructions say you cannot leave the room until you hand in the exam and the CDECB instructions say that you can leave to use the washroom. Please explain.

What happens if I do not understand the examination content and I have a question for the proctor?

What is a Room Scan and how do I do it?

What do I enter as a CTFNno?

Can I take scrap paper into the room?

What happens if my power “flickers” during the examination and my computer goes off?

What must my room and desk be like where I take the examination?

If I just do not show up for the examination am I then scheduled for the next examination?

What time will I write the examination?

What information is collected during the duration of the examination?

Should I write the examination in French or English?

What happens if I have a technical question when I am writing the examination?

Can I have a snack and a drink while I write the examination?

What type of Identification do I need to present when I start to write the examination?

Can I read the questions aloud; can I talk to myself during the exam?

I understand I will be recorded and viewed, from time to time, while I take the examination. I do not want to be recorded.

Do I have to use all of the trial tests?

When I complete my room scan, show my identification and the scan of my computer is completed is that included in the 3.5 hours allocated to write the examination?

I want to write the examination like before, with paper, and go to an examination site to do it.


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