Frequently Asked Questions

What is the examination fee?

A great deal of my practice is consulting. I provide information to or I consult with other health care professionals regarding their patients with diabetes. Is this considered diabetes education? These people are talking with me about their patients?

What time contributes towards my 800 hours for diabetes education experience?

I am moving from one province to another in Canada. What happens to my “CDE” designation when I change my licence from one College to another due to my physical relocation?

I am taking a course about diabetes from my local college. May I include that in my calculation of 800 hours of diabetes education experience?

I spend a lot of time reviewing products and medications available to those with diabetes. Is that considered part of diabetes education to contribute towards my 800 hours of diabetes education experience?

I work in a Diabetes Education Centre for 40 hours a week. Can I count all 40 hours of that time as my experience?

I was looking into the CDE® certification as I have been working for several years in a Primary Care Network which involves a large amount of diabetes management. I see that the first requirement is to be registered with a regulatory body. As a Kinesiologist/Clinical Exercise Physiologist in Alberta, this poses a problem as the only province that has an associated college for this profession is Ontario.

I am a Pharmacy Technician licensed in my Province with the College of Pharmacists. Am I eligible to write the CDECB exam?

I look after family members with diabetes, does that time contribute towards my diabetes education experience?


Volunteers are an important part of the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board. Their knowledge about Diabetes has enabled the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board to be what it is. 

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